Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) study sessions are being offered to students enrolled in this course this semester.  SI sessions are interactive, peer-led, group study opportunities facilitated by an SI Leader. Each SI Leader assigned to your class will hold SI sessions three (3) times per week throughout the semester and students can attend sessions anytime they are offered.  Weekly SI sessions focus on engaging students in reviewing current course material, strengthening students’ understanding of key course concepts, developing and practicing innovative learning strategies, and preparing for course exams.  
An SI Leader is a student who has already successfully completed this course and mastered the course material.  In addition to facilitating SI sessions, your SI Leader(s) attend lecture weekly to serve as an in-class resource for you.  Your SI Leader(s) also hold weekly office hours in the Academic Development Center (second floor of Kerr-Drummond Mezzanine) to help address any questions you have about course content. 
Why should you attend SI?

  1. On average, students who regularly attended SI in this course last year earned higher final course grades than students who did not attend SI.

  2. Students who regularly attended SI in this course last year successfully completed the course at a higher rate than students who did not attend SI.

  3. SI is open to everyone taking this course.  It’s voluntary and it’s completely FREE!

What should I expect in an SI session?

  1. Your SI Leader will act as a facilitator.  Your Leader won’t re-lecture the current week’s material, but will get you and your fellow students engaged in reviewing key concepts from class lectures using interactive, proven study methods.

  2. You and your classmates will work together to find solutions to problems and will help each other gain a better understanding of challenging class material.

  3. An SI session is a “no pressure” zone.  Your SI Leader is a near-peer who has been where you are now.  Your Leader isn’t a TA and has no access to or influence over your course grades.  SI sessions are a time to ask questions in an open environment.  There’s no need to feel nervous.  You’re all there to improve and help each other out.

  4. You’ll get the most out of each session by coming prepared.  Bring your textbooks, your reading and lecture notes, and your questions. 

Your SI Leader(s) will poll the class during the first week of lecture to identify the SI session times that will work best for members of the class.  SI sessions will start during the second week of class.  Your SI Leader(s) will announce session days and times.
You can find out more information about SI for this class by visiting: