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This is the Secret Identification (SID) assignment page for CHEM 1515 Spring 2013.

You need to enter your first and last name, your laboratory section number (7 - 11) and your e-mail address. Provide a secret identification number/name or combination of numbers and letters. NOTE: For your secret identification number/name do not start with the number zero (0) as it causes some minor problems. Please enter the information requested and click on the submit button. I will automatically e-mail you your information so that you can save it for future reference. Thank you.

NOTE: You only have to complete this form once this semester. After completing this form you can access your Personal Web Page(s) through the Personal Page link.

First Name:

Last Name:

Laboratory Section: Click here to a list of Lab sections.

E-mail Address:

SID Number/Name: (Note: you may use any combination of alphanumerics.)