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Oklahoma State University

It is OK to use your textbook or lecture notes from class, but if you can answers the questions without it that is OK too.

Do not press the RETURN or ENTER key while you are answering these questions. Your browser will interpret either the same as clicking on the Submit key.

Answer all of the questions below. If you do not know an answer enter CNA. However, it will help me the most if you answer each question with your best intuition/idea about what would be a reasonable answer.

The ACA should be completed by Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

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Laboratory Section:

1. Indicate whether the following substance is polar or nonpolar. Support your answer with a brief explanation.


Polar or nonpolar
Brief reasoning

a) CO2



d) CH2Cl2

e) H2O

2. For each of the following combinations from Q1 predict whether the mixture is homogeneous (a solution) or heterogeneous.

Mixture of
homogeneous mixture or heterogeneous mixture

H2O and CO2

H2O and CH3CH2OH


CO2 and CH2Cl2

CH3CH2OH and CH2Cl2


H2O and CH2Cl2

3. Briefly explain WHY H2O and CH3CH2OH will form a homogeneous mixture.

4. Is there anything about the questions that you feel you do not understand? List your concerns/questions.

5. If there is one question you would like to have answered in lecture, what would that question be?