CHEM 1215 Fall 1999

Section 1

Welcome to CHEM 1215 Section 1 for the Fall 1999 Semester.

Would you like some extra credit? Send me an e-mail message with '1215 student' in the Subject. Also you can receive some extra credit by completing the Student Information form.

Problem Set #1 is available at the Problem Set link. Get one early!

Dr. Ford has placed a copy of the Zumdahl's Complete Solutions Guide for our textbook on Reserve in the Main Library. This guide may be useful to you as it shows how all the problems at the end of the chapters are solved. I believe he has placed the guide on 2 hour reserve. It will probably not be avaialble for a week or so, so give it some time. If you check the ProblemSet link I have listed recommended problems you should do at the end of each chapter in Zumdahl. If you have difficulties working these problems the Zumdahl's Complete Solutions Guide should help.

I need the following students to see me ASAP:

Darin Detherow

Robert Holley

Mackey Louthan

Turia Sporleder

Kate Weatherly



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