Q: How many problem sets will we do this semester?

A: My goal is 17. I will count 14 PSs, so if we get 17 in I will drop the lowest three.

Q: How much are the problem sets worth?

A: Each problem set will be graded for a maximum of 12 points. All the problem sets will count a total of 250 points towards your final grade.

Q: How many questions on a problem set? Are all the questions on a problem set graded?

A: All problem sets will have a maximum of 10 problems. I will arbitrarily sellect three problems to be graded on each PS. Each of the selected problems is worth 3 points. The remaining 3 points is awarded on an all or nothing basis for completing/attempting the remaining problems on the problem set. Leave a problem blank on the problem set and you will lose 3 points.

Q: Can I turn my homework in late? It's done I left it at the in a friends other pack...whatever.

A: Homework is due at the beginning of class, for the first few problem sets I may accept homework at the end of class, but I will deduct at least 3 points of the possible maximum of twelve.

Q: I just need a few more hours to finish the problem set. Can I have some extra time?

A: No. Problem sets are due at the beginning of class, no exceptions. To be fair to those students turning in their problem set on time I must apply the policy consistently.

Q: I will be out of town, sick, working, on vacation, interviewing for a job, going to court, watching the kids, taking my friend to the hospital, whatever, can I turn my problem set in late?

A: No. If you can not attend class the day a problem set is due I will accept it if it is mailed to me and postmarked the day the problem set is due (or earlier). You can e-mail it to me (e-mail before beginning of class) or FAX (before beginning of class).

Q: Can I copy a friends problem set I was too busy to get mine done, do not understand one of the questions, did not have enough time, whatever.

A: No! Plagiarism of this type falls into the category of academic misconduct. If I discover a set of problem sets and I believe plagiarism is involved I will contact the affected students and state my concern. I will be happy to visit with any of the students contacted. If it is determined that plagarism occurred all students involved will receive at least a zero on the particular problem set. Comment: do not allow your PS to be copied, and do ask to copy another student's PS. You do not want to deal with me on this issue!

Q: Another student in the same class, at the last minute, asked me if I would let him/her copy one of the problems on my problem set. Is that OK?

A: No! You should not let another student copy one (or more) of your answers. I will drop several problem sets so you should respond to the student by saying, "That is too bad you did not get all the problems done, see me after classs and I'll show you how I did it." Remember I drop several problem sets so if the student does not get one turned in it is no biggy. If the student has failed to turn in several problem sets, that student has bigger issues (not yours) and should be directed to see Dr.. G. Everyone must take responsibility for their situation. If a student has decided to spend their time doing things other than their homework, they must face the consequences of their decision. That is what life is about.

Q: Man, these problem sets suck, there is no way I'm doing them! (and besides this is not a question...dude!)

A: Whatever! The problem sets are worth 250 points out of 900 you do the math. Additionally, the problem sets will require you to stay up on what we are currently discussing in class so your exam preparation will not be so intense. The problem sets are critical for your preparation for an exam.

Q: Will all the problem sets be of the take home type?

A. No. Some problem sets will be given in class. These PSs will NOT be announced.

Q: Hey, I was sick, working, slept in, took a friend to the hospital, studying for an exam, whatever, and I missed the inclass problem set. Can I make it up?

A: No. You can drop three problem sets that will be one of them.

Q: Hey if we get to drop three problem sets I can skip three problem sets and I do not have to do them! Cool!

A: Wrong attitude! Dropping three problem sets will allow for the unexpected problem that may arise, or if you do not do as well on a particular problem set you can drop it. Do ALL the problem sets. The point of a problem set is to get you to apply the material we've discussed in class. Skip a problem set you may not have a complete understanding of the material as you will need to be successful on an exam.

Q: I did all the problems on the problem set and I read the book, why does my exam score suck?

A: Tough question. I do not believe the average student can be successful on my exams by just doing the problems on the problem set. You must also do the problems at the end of the chapter of our textbook (I'll recommend some.), if you feel you still need more problems drop by my office and I'll give you another textbook and you may take it and copy some of the problems for some extra work.

Q: Can I have a copy of the answers to the Problem Sets?

A: By all means. Check out our Web site at the Problem set link for the answers...after the problem set has been turned-in of course.

Q: My TA is the grader from Hell, do something about it.

A: The TAs are given a Grading Memo for each problem set describing which problems are graded and how to grade those problems. The Grading Memo is avaialble to all students at the Problem Set link on our Web site. Review that document before talking to your TA about any questions you may have about the grading. If you are still not satisfied drop by my office and we can discuss the concern(s).

Q: Hey, whatzzzz up with all this problem s---!?

A: One of my main goals in this course, besides you learning a little chemistry, is to make you problem solving gods and goddesses. You want to be an engineer, vet, doctor, biochemist, chemist, biologist, teacher, pharmacist, or whatever you must be able to be an excellent problem solver. What I want to do is to make you a good problem solver in chemistry. Also I want to show you that to be successful you must work hard. At least most of us have to do that.

Q: Can I turn my Problem Set in early?

A: Of course you animal! Drop it by my office, give it to your TA or take it to PS107. Have Glenda, Cheryl or Carolyn write the date and time on the PS and they will place it in a location the TA or I can pick it up. Be sure it is dated and timed! PS's that appear in my mailbox after the due date are considered late and will receive NO credit..a zero!


Got more questions? Contact the answer guy, dr..g and he'll add your question to this FAQ. Anonymously of course.