Q: How many laboratories do we get to drop?

A: You will be able to drop the two lowest laboratory courses.

Q: Hey if we get to drop two labs I can skip two labs and I do not have to do them! Cool!

A: Where have I heard this before? Wrong attitude! Dropping two laboratory experiments will allow for the unexpected problem that may arise, or if you do not do as well on a particular lab set you can drop it. Do ALL the labs. There is good information to be learned (that is what we're here for) and besides, they are fun.

Q: My lab TA is the grader from Hell, do something about it!

A: Over the course of the semester I watch the average performance on lab write-ups, problem sets and exam for each section. I look for discrepencies in the low exam average and high lab average compared to other sections. When this occurs I talk to the TA to try to adjust. If at anytime anyone is concerned about such an issue, drop by and we can discuss it.


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