Lecture Graphics for Chapter 12

Reaction of sodium and chlorine

Particlate level view of the three phases of matter...gas, liquid and solid.

Important terms and energy flow.

Simulation of matter undergoing phases changes.

Heating curve in phase changes

Reaction of potassium and bromine

Liquid-vapor equilibrium (this animation was developed by Michael Abraham at the University of Oklahoma)

Measuring vapor pressure

Plotting vapor pressure

Clausius-Clapyron Equation

PLE7 Graphics

CC Equation Sample Problem

Phase Diagram

Reaction of magnesium and carbon dioxide

Reaction of nitrogen triiodide

Bond Energies (intramolecular forces)

Dipole-dipole intermolecular force

Dispersion intermolecular force

Polarizability table

Boiling point trends

Hydrogen-bonding intramolecular attractive force

ICA 83101

Simple Cubic structure build and rotate

Dissolve the layer structure to show a simple cubic cell

Simple cubic cell

Build up the crystal from the unit cells

Show simple cubic cell from built crystal

Body-centered cubic structure build

Dissolve the layer structure to show a body-centered cubic cell

Body centered cube

Body centered cubic unit cell

Face-centered cubic structure build

Face-centered cube rotate

Dissolve the layer structure to show a face-centered cubic cell

Face-centered cubic cell

Face-centered cubic unit cell

Ice-Bomb experiment