PODCAST: Subscribing to Video Podcasts for CHEM 1515

Do you have the lastest version of iTunes (version 10.1.1)? Are you downloading any podcasts?
(NOTE: You do not need a video iPod or a Mac to subscribe to the video podcasts.)
1. If you do not have iTunes (which you need to subscribe to a podcast) on your computer checkout the Apple iTunes download web site <http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/>  and download the most current version of iTunes (there is a Windows XP version). All Apple wants is your e-mail address. Apple will let you know when you can get free music (every Tuesday), and free videos.
2. To access the General Chemistry Spring 2011 Podcast, open iTunes and select the Advance menu option.
3. Select the Subscribe to Podcast and type in the address http://introchem.chem.okstate.edu/rssSP11.xml into the dialog box and click OK.
4. This will subscribe you to the General Chemistry Spring 2011 Video Podcast.
5. NOTE: To see all of the video podcasts (every lecture plus extra cool stuff) you may need to click on the small triangle icon immediately to the left of the word General in the title of the podcast.
6. The first time you access the video podcasts, only the most recently added podcast will download. You will have to click on the small GET button to get any other podcasts.
7. To see what the contents of a particular podcast are before downloading double click on the description line where you can see the beginning of the description of the contents of the particular podcast.
8. To obtain future podcasts from CHEM 1515 re-open iTunes, select podcast from the left frame and click on the Update button in the upper right corner of the window.
9. Contact Dr. Gelder if you have any questions.
10. Now that you have iTunes checkout the iTunes music store. There are many podcasts (both video and audio) that you may find interesting, informative and useful.