2-Day AP/Pre-AP Science Conference
February 27 - 28, 2009
US Postal Center
Norman, OKlahoma

Michael R. Abraham

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The University of Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma 73019




John I. Gelder

Department of Chemistry

Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078




MoLE Web Site

The following instructional materials are sample activities for “before”, “during”, and “after” class meetings that use an inquiry oriented instructional strategy (the Learning Cycle Approach). These activities for before, during, and after a particular class meeting are linked together and address specific learning objectives for the course.

Links to Examples

Shifting Reactions A




Shifting Reactions B




Instructor Clicker Questions for the During Class Invention

Extent of a Reaction

Macroscopic Example

Exploration (do response page)


Instructor Clicker Questions for the During Class Invention

Application Part 1

Application Part 2

Application Part 3

Mechanism Example (Activities as part of an introduction to a unit on kinetics to provide students with a more detailed perspective of a balanced chemical equation. A more detailed discussion of mechanism would be provided at the appropriate point in the unit. These activities are intended to serve only as a conceptual introduction.)

Before Class Exploration (BCE) for Mechanisms

During Class Invention (DCI) for Mechanism

Instructor Clicker Questions for the During Class Invention

After Class Application (ACA) for Mechanism

Catalyst Example (under construction)

BCE for Catalysis

DCI for Catalysis

ACA for Catalysis

Calorimetry Example (Activities to introduce the relationship between heat, temperature, amount of substance and to invent the concept of specific heat for a pure substance.)

BCE for Calorimetry

DCI for Calorimetry

Instructor Clicker Questions

ACA for Calorimetry

Molecular Modeling Activity

MoLE Simulation

MoLE Activity

Journal of Chemical Education/Digital Library Molecular Modeling Resource