Introduction to Molecular Modeling - Solids

The molecular modeling activity linked below consists of two parts;

I) Introduction;
IV) Solids;

All of the activities use the animation link which consists of a page that uses the Jmol open source molecular modeling software. NOTE: The link the the animation page listed on the first page in the activity is incorrect. The link is correct below.

Animation (Molecular Modeling Jmol Page)

Activity (Solids)

Answers (Solids)

Here are a set of animations depicting simple, body-centered and face-centered cubic cells and unit cells.

Simple Cubic structure build and rotate

Dissolve the layer structure to show a simple cubic cell

Simple cubic cell

Build up the crystal from the unit cells

Show simple cubic cell from built crystal




structure build


the layer structure to show a body-centered cubic cell

Body centered cube


Body centered cubic unit cell





Face-centered cubic structure build

Face-centered cube rotate

Dissolve the layer structure to show a face-centered cubic cell

Face-centered cubic cell

Face-centered cubic unit cell