Molecular Level Laboratory Experiments (MoLE)
NSF EMD-CCLI 0127563

Dr. Michael R. Abraham
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019


Dr. John I. Gelder
Department of Chemistry
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

405 744-7005

MoLEs (Molecular Level Laboratory Experiments) is an NSF sponsored materials development project designed to produce web-based computer simulations and companion inquiry activities that explore key concepts in beginning chemistry.

We have developed molecular level (MoLE) simulations: Gas Laws, Gas Phase Equilibrium, Gas Phase Kinetics, Acid/Base Chemistry, Molecular and Solid State Structure, and Stoichiometry. These MoLE simulations are powerful, interactive, dynamic computer simulations and are accompanied by inquiry laboratory activities. These instructional materials use a macroscopic, submicroscopic and symbolic inquiry oriented laboratory based instructional model.

In conjunction with Dr. Thomas J. Greenbowe at Iowa State University we have developed inquiry activities to be used with his Flash-based laboratory simulations. Activities include: Mass Relationships, Atomic Sturcture and Periodicity, Gas Behavior, Thermochemistry, Kinetics, Acids and Bases, and Electrochemistry.

As of January, 2009 we (Michael Abraham, John Gelder and Tom Greenbowe) published (Hayden-McNeil publishers) Volume I: During Class Inventions and Computer Lab Activities and Volume II: During Class Inventions and Computer Lab Activities. Volume I includes activities for a first semester general chemistry course and Volume II covers materials for the second semester course. During Class Inventions are activities that are to be used during a lecture/discussion component of the class, while the Computer Lab Activities contain activities that are each associated with a particulate model (MoLE) simulation or with a macroscopic simulation (by Dr. Thomas Greenbowe, Iowa State University).

We welcome other teachers help testing these materials in the classroom and other settings. To access the simulations and look at the classroom activities we would like to have your name, institution and e-mail address for our records. If this is the first time you have visited our website please click on the First Time Visitor Sign-in link in the left frame and complete the form. You will then be able to enter the website with the simulations and classroom activities by clicking on the Personal MoLE Page link. When you have examined or used these materials we would also appreciate your comments, as well as your student's comments.