Using the World Wide Web in Teaching Introductory Chemistry

The University of Texas - Pan American

October 7, 2002

Dr. John I. Gelder

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Oh yea, you can probably do this on a PC too.

My Web Site

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Mac PowerPC G4 500 1 GB RAM 2 36 GB HD using OS X server software and QTSS server software

Mac PowerPC G4 867 1 GB RAM 200 GB HDs using OS X server software, QTSS server software and PHP server software

Mac PowerPC G4 Dual 1 GHz 1.5 GB RAM 200 GB HDs using OS X server software and PHP server software

Introductory Chemistry

Administrative Information


General Information


Problem Sets and Exams

Problem Tutorials

Lecture Resources

Pre-Lecture Explorations

Example1 (NaCl Flash)
Example2 (Responses)
Example3 (Responses)
Example4 (Responses)

Lecture Graphics (Reactions1, Reactions2, Reactions3)

Lecture Outlines (Example1, Example2)

Lecture Notes

(Example1 (1st lecture/Atomic Level Exercise);
Example2 (Self-Test) (Sig Figs and Rounding);
Example3 (Intro to moles/favorite problem);
Example4 (Limiting Reagents/Chapters movie);
Example5 (Dispersion Forces))

Lecture Summary (Example1, Example2)

Digital Lectures



Activity of Metals Simulation (Lab activity)

Calorimetry (Lab activity)

Future Stuff

Gas Law

Particulate Equilibrium

Introductory Chemistry course of the Future





How many of you use the internet every day? For class work/assignments? For entertainment?

On the average how many hours are you on the internet each day?

Do you see the Internet as a positive influence on your academic career?

If you had a choice between two sections of the same course, would you enroll in the section with a web site, or in the section that had no web site?

How many of you have e-mail a professor?

Do you think email has enhanced your relationship with your professor?