General Chemistry: An Inquiry Approach

Demonstration CD

Guided Tour

Section I: Prospectus Review

General Chemistry: An Inquiry Approach includes a set of learning tools that are electronically based. This demonstration CD organizes the electronic aspect of the project for a sample unit on Gas Laws. The Tools described in the Prospectus include;

Learning Tools


Computer-Based Concept Development Resources

Video Demonstrations
Laboratory Simulations

Problem Solving Resources

Guided and Open Inquiry Laboratory Resources (not included on this CD)

Section II: Examples of Resources

Below are links to examples of the Concept Development Resources, MoLE and Laboratory Simulation. Click on a link to view the simulation and/or the written materials.


Laboratory Simulations

Boyle's Law Laboratory Simulation (Student version : Teacher version)

Boyle's Law Laboratory Student Activity

Effusion of Gases Laboratory Simulation

Effusion of Gases Laboratory Simulation Student Activity (not completed)

Metal/Metal Ion Reactions Laboratory Simulation*

Metal/Metal Ion Reactions Laboratory Simulation Student Activity

(*Note: This is another example of a Laboratory Simulation that is not related to the Gas Law Unit.)


Section III: Web Site

To demonstrate how all of the electronic resources are integrated together we have developed a draft version of a web site using Gas Laws as a content focus.

The overall structure of this web site is shown on Figure I on page 6 of the Prospectus and described in detail on page 5 in the section titled Administrative Structure. As shown in Figure I the web site consists of the following major sections:

Web Site

Topics Page
Assignment Page
Learning Objectives Page
WebText (sample page)
Concept Development Tools
Problem Set
Problem Tutorials


At the top of each of the Web Site pages is a banner graphic that tells you where you are in the Web Site and includes buttons to link to the major sections of the Web Site.

The banner graphic at the bottom of the pages within the WebText contains links to the Concept Development Tools that are appropriate for the content discussed on that page. The text within each page contains linked resources that are associated with information on the particular page.

Since this is a sample version of our current vision of this electronic project not all of the resources are functioning. A few of the sample Video Demonstrations and Laboratory Simulations are in rough draft form. Written activities intended for use by the student when viewing the demonstrations or doing the simulations have not yet been completely/fully developed. There are some example materials that are not associated with the main content of the Unit covered in this demonstration. These materials are provided as examples of some of the resources we plan to develop on this project.